About Style Coaching

Do you struggle with  picking outfits every morning? Does the thought of shopping make you want to cry? Do you even have time for it, or know where to start? If any of this sounds like you then a style coach might be just the support you need.

At it's most basic level style coaching is about working together in your closet to better understand what you have, helping you let go of what is no longer serving you and pin pointing the "holes" in your wardrobe to create a shopping list if necessary. It's about shopping in your closet through creating outfits and learning how to pair pieces together in combinations you may not have thought about before. When it's time to hit the mall it can also be about doing it together in a way that feels focused, supportive and positive. 

There are many ways a style coach can work with you and many reasons to bring a style coach into your life. Whatever your wardrobe goal, a style coach is a tool that can help you achieve it - all while putting a smile on your face. Wouldn't it be nice to feel good about your clothes and getting dressed again, or at all?

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laura”

Working with Laura has been such an empowering experience. When I first booked Laura, I didn't quite know what to expect because I had never worked with a personal stylist (and secretly worried about opening up my varied closet to an 'expert'). During that first consultation, Laura helped me to understand what looked good on me, what outfits worked together and why, and really listened to my needs and preferences. Since then, Laura has continued to support me with everything from  offering tips on what to look for when shopping and pulling multiple outfits together for my increasing number of business travels (with everything fitting neatly into carry-on luggage!).  She makes me feel good about myself, and helps naturally pull out my confidence. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laura!

- Lisa