Packing Is Hard


Good news! I can help.

T'is the season for travel. Whether for pleasure or work, the common denominator is packing, and if you're here right now it's because that particular piece of the travelling puzzle is your nightmare. The thought of doing it is probably akin to going to the mall before Christmas - it's necessary but it's almost always stressful, anxiety-inducing, and crowded (for your suitcase). 

I have worked with all of you at one point or another in your closets, so you know that I am here to tell it like it is, make the process fun, and help you get where you're going, confident that you will look and feel your best.

Session Details

Sessions will be 1-2 hours in length, depending on travel circumstances, during which we'll put together outfits for every day and occasion (plus backups!). Special attention will be paid to the kind of travelling you'll be doing. Backpacking is different from a quick business trip, which is different from a two week getaway - they all require very different packing strategies.

Finally we'll pinpoint any holes that might exist, and I'll leave you with a targeted shopping list. If desired we'll take photos of the outfits during the session, which I'll add to your Pinterest Board,  and I'll follow up with an email recap of everything we did.

Let's Break It Down

Length: 1-2 hours
What You Will Get: outfits for everyday/occasion + backups, images of each outfit, targeted shopping list
Price: This package will be $150 when I release it to the public, but because I've worked with you before and I love you, I'm offering it to you for $100

Let's Get Packing!

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