Consultation (30 min) - Free

Let's get to know each other! We can do a phone call, video chat, or (my favourite) an in-person coffee/glass of something. We'll dig into where you're at with your wardrobe and personal style, what your needs/goals are, and how I can help. The information you share with me here will help me put together a personalized plan for how you're going to reach those goals within your budget and start to look and feel your best every damn day.

Closet Edit - $150

If we do nothing else together, please invest in this one service. I promise you it's worth it. The single biggest problem I hear about from clients is having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. The problem isn't that you don't have anything to wear, it's that you don't know what's in your closet and you're only wearing a small percentage of your wardrobe regularly.

In this session we'll clean everything out of your closet, try it all on, get rid of anything that isn't serving you anymore, find the holes (if any exist), and build a focused shopping list if necessary. By the end of this exercise you should know what you have, know that it all looks great on you, and know that if you are missing anything that you know exactly what you need to round out your wardrobe. No more aimless shopping or buying without purpose (which can be a very expensive waste) for you!

Pinterest Board Exercise - $50

If I've put together a targeted shopping list for you, but you're struggling with understanding how to interpret it for your own personal style (where to shop, what style you should be looking for, etc.) and you need that little extra bit of support before you shop for yourself, then a personalized Pinterest Board is the answer. In this exercise, I'll take the list we've made in your closet edit, scour the internet for the best options for each piece based on your current wardrobe and style, and create your board with links directly to each piece. If going to stores/malls is your nightmare, you'll be able to shop directly from this board.

Outfitting Session - $150

So, you know what's in your closet and you know it all theoretically goes together, but you're still not feeling 100% confident. You're so not alone. Another huge issue I hear about often is struggling with putting outfits together. This is a critical step in looking and feeling your best, but I promise you it isn't as hard as it seems. In this session we'll work in your current closet to put together seven days of outfits based on your life and needs, including accessories and outerwear. It's like shopping in your own closet - no malls necessary.

Shopping Session - $375

If you hate shopping, or don't feel confident you'll find what you're looking for or make the right choices then let's do it together! I'll lay out a plan ahead of time based on our initial consultation and either the shopping list you've created for yourself or one we've done together during a closet edit. This plan will guide where we go and what we look at/try on, and will ensure there's no wasted time, effort, or money. Win-win-win. 

Seasonal Wardrobe Strategy Session (Spring/Summer, or Fall/Winter) - $75 per session

Sometimes all you need is a plan. In this session we'll sit down one-on-one, perhaps over a coffee or a glass of wine, and ,based on your needs, strategize a wardrobe plan for the coming season (either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter). Your personalized plan will take into account your current wardrobe, what's happening with current trends, needs/wants, budget for new pieces, and any significant events that might be happening during that time (work travel/weddings/vacations/parties/etc).  You'll be left with a clear shopping list and the confidence that you'll slay any scenario that may come your way.

Personal Shopping - inquire for details

Are you too busy, looking for something really specific that you haven't been able to find, and/or simply lacking the desire to go shopping yourself? Let me make your life easier by doing it for you. Get in touch to find out more. 

Personal Stylist - inquire for details

If you're looking for support on a more regular basis - perhaps you have a very public-facing career and need daily/weekly outfit support, or you travel a lot and need regular packing sessions - then connect with me and we'll put a package together to meet your needs.

“Definitely a worth while investment”

I highly recommend Laura for a full wardrobe re-vamp.  We’ve pulled each item from my closet on a few occasions and each time it has felt amazing to purge, hear some tough love and ultimately only allow things back in my closet that I feel fabulous in and serve several purposes.  Definitely a worth while investment and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

— Lauren

The first step in this journey is to book your free consultation with me so I can better understand what you're looking for, what your goals are, and how I can best support you.