“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laura”

Working with Laura has been such an empowering experience. When I first booked Laura, I didn't quite know what to expect because I had never worked with a personal stylist (and secretly worried about opening up my varied closet to an 'expert'). During that first consultation, Laura helped me to understand what looked good on me, what outfits worked together and why, and really listened to my needs and preferences.

Since then, Laura has continued to support me with everything from  offering tips on what to look for when shopping and pulling multiple outfits together for my increasing number of business travels (with everything fitting neatly into carry-on luggage!).  She makes me feel good about myself, and helps naturally pull out my confidence. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laura!

— Lisa


“I can't thank you enough”

You’ve inspired me to put my best foot forward every day and have given me the confidence to rock my existing wardrobe. You made me think twice about every off the cuff purchase I think about making and instead think to myself, does this fit in with my current pieces? Is this something that I love? And most importantly, do I feel GREAT in it?

Your list of holes in my wardrobe and accompanying Pinterest board were also super helpful and I ended up making my first purchase, a beautiful Ted Baker super soft leather jacket that I adore. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me!!!

— Breanna

“Honestly. Do it!

It can be hard to hold a mirror up to ourselves, especially when we're feeling uncomfortable with the way we look or discouraged about our bodies. Working with Laura provided me with so much more than a closet edit - it provided me with confidence and tools to re-enter the workforce as a mother of two.

I felt confident about my wardrobe and the options I could put together with the clothes I had. I felt relieved to have gotten rid of a TON of things that I hadn't worn in years and should not try to or want to wear again. I felt encouraged to have some concrete tips and guidelines to follow to help rebuild my closet. And I felt so, so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Laura, who was nonjudgmental, funny, understanding and honest.

Honestly. Do it!

— Tamara

“I always have more confidence”

Laura is my go-to for fashion and styling advice. When I have an event, she curates the perfect look. Our annual closet sessions ensure that my wardrobe is complete, contemporary, and flattering. I always have more confidence after working with Laura, and I can't recommend her services enough!

— Alison

“Laura has a natural talent for fashion”

She is my go-to source whether I'm preparing for a gig, a date, a photo shoot, or looking for creative ways to style my growing baby bump! She is consistently able to offer me suggestions, overhauls, or even just little tweaks to take an outfit from a 2 to a 10. She always leaves me feeling confident an beautiful as I go into any situation.

— Lauren